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3 Tips for Washing Comforters in your Coin Laundry

In addition to advertising a wash-dry-fold service in your coin laundry another great source of revenue is offering a service dedicated to washing comforters. Residential laundry equipment simply can’t provide the delicate treatment or space needed to wash comforters and drycleaners rarely have the amount of machines to accommodate this service. Put customers’ minds at ease with a professional comforter washing service by following these tips on achieving the best clean:

Comforter Material and Finish

  • Polyester: Limit the amount of machine use with polyester comforters with a decorative or embroidered finish. It’s best to use a delicate wash cycle with water no hotter than 80 degrees but you can use the regular extract option. Never put this type of comforter in the dryer, let the comforter air-dry overnight for a few hours at the least.
  • Down-filled: Down-filled comforters need to follow the same wash treatment as polyester but need more attention during the drying process and can be placed in the dryer as long as the supportive stitching is within 12 inches apart. Pro Tip: Toss a few tennis balls in the dryer with a down-filled comforter to break up the feathers for a more even dry. It’s imperative all of the moisture is removed after drying to avoid a musty smell and mold build-up.
  • Comforters without supportive stitching: The supportive stitching keeps the material inside the comforter in place. Some comforters have stitching further apart than others and the length between stitching will alter how to approach washing the comforter. Comforters without supportive stitching need to follow the polyester washing treatment while comforters with close stitching can follow the down-filled wash method.

The main rule when drying comforters in a dryer is using low heat and the largest dryer available to evenly distribute heat and avoid tangles. The BDS Laundry coin laundry and service team is here to help you make the right decisions to best serve and maintain your laundromat. Learn how we can help you turn your laundromat dreams into reality by calling 800-688-0020 or contacting us online to start a conversation today.