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4 Benefits of Owning a Laundromat

Owning a laundromat is a terrific investment and allows you to control your own schedule, be your own boss or earn a supplemental income. Owning a laundromat is about as fool-proof of an investment as you can get. Owners that do their homework by studying location demographics, store design, signage and finding the best equipment you’ll fall into the nearly 95 percent of successful laundromat business owners. Vended laundry owners see, on average, a 20 to 35 percent return on investment due to these four benefits of owning a laundromat.

  • Recession-resistant Business: Clean clothes, bedding, wash cloths, towels, etc. are a necessity just like food and shelter. No matter the economy people will always be living in homes or apartments without laundry machines and your business continues to turn a profit.
  • Limited Labor: The majority of laundromat owners’ employ between zero and two part-time employees. The only daily labor employees are in charge of keeping the store clean and occasional machine maintenance.
  • Repeat Customers: Ninety percent of vended laundry customers will be repeat customers. The vast majority of laundromat customers will find a store they like or is convenient based on where they live because their home or apartment has broken down or inadequate equipment or doesn’t have laundry equipment.
  • Low costs after investment: After the initial investment with equipment, property, etc. laundromats have very little inventory to maintain other than occasional replacement parts and vending machine supplies, snacks or drinks.

The vended laundry experts at BDS Laundry are here to help you take the next step to owning a laundromat with decades of experience in choosing locations, designing a store and equipping the store with the best machines. Learn more about how BDS Laundry Systems can help you by contacting us online or calling 1-800-688-8820 today.