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4 Coin Operated Laundry Loyalty Card Program Ideas

Coin operated laundry loyalty card programs entice customers to your vended laundry and keep them coming back. Set your laundry apart from the competition with unique loyalty card programs and discounts. Customers like loyalty card programs because they are an easy alternative to inserting coins into every machine. Some of the most common program ideas offer discounts to seniors or military members but you can set your store apart from the competition with unique laundromat loyalty card program ideas.

  • Big Bill Bonus: This is a great way to encourage customers to pay more up front for a small bonus. Offer customers $2 for every $20 placed on their loyalty card. Not only will you receive money up front but you’ll also receive multiple return customers who may pay for snacks, detergents or games in your store.
  • Free Dry: Take a deep breath, we’re not advocating giving away free dries all day but this is a great way to entice customers to your store with an eye-catching graphic in one of your windows. This program is simple to implement allowing you to program when customers receive a free dry whether it be every 15, 20 or more dries. You can even go further and limit when customers redeem their free dries to certain days of the week, times, etc.
  • Wash to Win: The Wash to Win program lets you set the standard for how many washes or dries customers need before rewarding them with a free wash or discount. Promote this program by placing signs around the inside of your store.
  • Birthday Bonus: Who doesn’t like being gifted something on their birthday? When customers sign up for a loyalty card you’ll receive their birthday and they’ll earn a discount on that date.

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