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5 Tips to Building Vended Laundry Customer Loyalty

Building vended laundry customer loyalty takes more than offering up to date washers and dryers. Offering loyalty cards or additional services like drop-off laundry or dry cleaning is a great way to separate your vended laundry from the competition but you can keep your customers happy in a number of ways – here are a few examples of how to easily build customer loyalty:


  • Lighting: Bright lighting creates a welcoming and safe atmosphere in your vended laundry. Good lighting in all areas also makes it easy for customers to read throughout your store. There are a number of LED lighting solutions that provide bright light and are extremely energy efficient helping you save money.
  • Maintain a clean facility: This comes standard but a clean store speaks volumes about your vended laundry. If you maintain a clean store with spotless floors, smudge-free windows and a flawless bathroom your customers will feel comfortable and have zero second thoughts about returning to do their laundry.
  • Build a community: Offering community-friendly promotions are a great way to create relationships with people in the neighborhood which can go a long way. For example, promote free bagel Saturday on the first Saturday of every month or free coffee Sunday every other weekend. This shows you care and allows you to interact with customers.
  • Always keep inventory stocked: It’s important to keep detergents, softeners and bleach vending machines fully stocked in case customers forget their own. Customers appreciate this quick fix when they find themselves in a pinch. Keep inventory on hand and routinely check the detergent vending machines to replenish when low. Pro Tip: It’s also smart to keep small parts on hand like hardware, belts and more to perform quick repairs and avoid machine downtime.
  • Clean windows: Clean floors, bathrooms and machines are one thing but maintaining a clean storefront, especially windows is crucial to bringing natural light into your store for a more comforting environment. Smudge-free windows create a presentable storefront plus make it easier for potential customers to peer inside at your facility.

The team at BDS Laundry Systems is here to assist you create and equip your vended laundry following the best practices and equipment. Call us at 1-800-688-0020 or contact us online to start a conversation about the best laundry machines that meet your needs.