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6 Commercial Laundry Machine Features to Increase Profits

Increasing profits in vended laundries and maximizing throughput in on premise laundry rooms is a top goal for owners and managers. Utilizing the latest commercial laundry equipment from manufacturers like Electrolux, Speed Queen, Maytag and Wascomat offer energy-saving and profit-increasing features helping better your bottom line. Each manufacturer provides their unique spin on beneficial features, here’s a breakdown:


  • Automatic Weighing: The automatic weighing and water savings feature helps save as much as 30 percent of water on small wash loads by automatically calculating the weight of the load. After weighing the load Electrolux machines are able to add the right amount of water to deliver optimal results per load while reducing water consumption and energy costs.
  • EcoPower: This unique technology determines when clothes are dry helping save up to 15 percent in gas. While the dryer automatically lowers temperature but keeps tuning ensuring wrinkle-free garments.
  • 450-G Force Extraction: The high extraction speed shortens dryer time helping lower gas consumption and increases the amount of loads that can be dome in a day.

Speed Queen

  • Quantum Controls: Speed Queen’s Quantum Controls allow managers and owners to program, monitor, audit and diagnose machines from any internet-connected device. These controls also offer custom wash settings to best suit customer or employee loads.
  • Wash Alert System: Within Speed Queen’s Quantum Controls is an innovative Wash Alert System designed for large apartments and universities. This smart laundry feature makes it easier for residents to do laundry. Residents simply go online and can see if a washer or dryer is available plus receive notifications when their load is complete. This minimizes laundry room frustration and increases the amount of cycles in a day.


  • Compass Controls: Offering customized wash programs, the Compass Controls feature adjusts water level, wash time and rinses per load based on customer cycle needs.
  • Efficient Frequency-Controlled Motor: Without sacrificing performance this motor reduces the peak power demand of Wascomat machines by 50 percent resulting in lower water consumption and increased energy savings.

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