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6 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Machines

Just like cars or lawn mowers the best way to prolong the life of commercial laundry machines is to perform preventative maintenance tasks. Not every task is equal, some take a little more knowledge surrounding the machine and need to be performed once per year while others are simple habits you can incorporate into your daily routine. Receive consistent and long-lasting performance from your commercial laundry washers and dryers with these preventative maintenance tips:

Pro Tip: Check the owner’s manual of your machine to see how often you should perform these tasks and if there are any specific cleaning products you should use.


  • Clean or replace water inlet filters: When water filter inlet screens are blocked they prevent good water flow into the machine which can throw off water usage levels and raise utility costs.
  • Remove dirt and soap inside the drum: Soap and dirt buildup inside the drum should be cleaned out annually. If not cleaned the buildup causes laundry to have a foul odor. *Some manufacturers offer brand-specific cleaners for optimal performance.
  • Check inlet and outlet hoses: Prevent the loss of water which can cause a higher bill by checking inlet and outlet hoses, connections and joints for leaks, tears or buildup once every few months.
  • Check belts: It’s smart to check belts inside the machines twice per year for cracks, splits or damage. Avoid losing a machine for an extended period of time due to a broken belt by keeping a replacement belt handy for quick repairs – find the right belt for your machine online at com.
  • Wipe down the gasket between door and drum: On front load, top load and stack washer-extractors it’s wise to wipe down the gasket between the door and drum to remove buildup that prevents a water tight seal. You can also leave doors open overnight to dry naturally.
  • Remove lint and debris from exhaust duct: Ensure a proper airflow and avoid overheating in all dryers once per month by removing lint and debris from exhaust ducts.

BDS Laundry has an experienced team of service professionals helping our clients maintain consistent commercial laundry machine performance. Learn more about how BDS Laundry can outfit a vended laundry or multi-housing and on premise laundry rooms with the machines that meet your needs plus all of our additional services by or calling 1-800-688-0020.