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Avoid Gridlock in your On Premise Laundry

A gridlock in any on premise laundry rooms from hotels to athletic facilities is a production and money draining problem. It’s difficult for most laundry room managers to acknowledge where the bottleneck begins because they’re too involved in the day to day operation. The solution? Take a step back and look at how the on premise laundry operates from a bird’s eye view.20160322_125906-cropped

American Laundry News spoke about this issue with J.R. Ryan, president of laundry consulting firm TBR Associates. Ryan noted there are two sources of on premise laundry gridlock – internally by equipment, people and policies or externally where the demand is greater than the laundry room capacity. When analyzing the on premise laundry room operation from a bird’s eye view take a deep dive into the following aspects:

  • Work coming in from initial gathering of garments to into the laundry room.
  • The speed in which garments are sorted and placed into the washing machine.
  • The throughput from wash and dryer based on recommended machine production standards.
  • Final touches including flatiron, folding, etc.

The machines in every on premise laundry need to work together where the washing machines can’t outpace the dryers or the clothes will literally pile up. To avoid this from happening it’s imperative to follow the production requirements and standards for the machines. BDS Laundry Systems’ team of laundry equipment experts can help you choose the perfect machine for your on premise laundry. In the meantime, follow these three steps to identify the gridlock in your laundry production:

  • First make sure you’re following the maximum production requirements for each machine and don’t run a smaller load because it’s ready to go, wait for the correct amount to avoid stoppages.
  • If you’re following the production requirements and still suffer gridlocks, find the stoppage. Where do the clothes pile up? Sorting before entering the wash? Waiting for the dryer cycle to end? In the finishing process?
  • Target the stopping point by increasing the production output with more people or more efficient, bigger machines.

Learn more about the benefits of Maytag, UniMac, Electrolux,  Speed Queen and Primus machines for your OPL by contacting our laundry experts online or calling 800-688-0020 today.