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BDS Laundry Systems Equips Twin Cities Area Hotels

BDS Laundry Systems spent time late in the summer and early this fall outfitting Twin Cities area hotels with industry-leading commercial laundry equipment to satisfy their unique OPL needs. Hyatt Place in downtown St. Paul and the brand new Woodbury Residence Inn have exceptional amenities and first rate accommodations which require a plethora of clean linens, towels, uniforms and much more.


With the variety of loads and unique laundry room layouts or foundations in hotel laundry rooms it’s important to find the right machine by analyzing the specific needs. BDS Laundry Systems works with laundry room managers to meet these requirements while helping reduce labor and utility costs and increasing throughput.

Hyatt Place in Downtown St. Paul

The Downtown St. Paul Hyatt Place is a beautiful building built in 1933. Older buildings tend to have weaker foundations which can’t absorb the full vibrations from a hardmount washer. To combat this, we installed three UniMac softmount washer extractors and UniMac industrial Tumble Dryers in the Hyatt Place’s laundry room. Softmount washers are designed to absorb the majority of the vibration throughout the wash within the machine significantly limiting damage to the foundation.

The Hyatt Place features 149 rooms with an indoor pool, cocktail bar, coffee shop, 24/7 room service and daily breakfast. All of these amenities produce a variety of soiled linens, towels and uniforms that require different types of washes every day. The UniMac machines BDS Laundry Systems installed feature ECO Technology washing programs with 41 programmable cycles and waster saving innovations which can cut water costs by 15 percent.






Residence Inn Woodbury

The brand new Residence Inn in Woodbury presented a completely different scenario with a basement level laundry room where we were able to install hardmount UW Series UniMac Washer Extractors and UniMac industrial Tumble Dryers. The variety of soiled towels, linens and uniforms remained the same so it was important to install machines equipped with UniMac’s UniLinc Control delivering numerous benefits helping managers keep the laundry room functioning at optimum efficiency. The features include:

  • Advanced start
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Idle time assist
  • 41 programmable cycles

These machines are also made with UniMac’s OptiSpray technology which consumes 39 percent less water than other brands while maintaining the same wash quality. Installing these machines will help reduce cycle time by 12 percent and leave 22 percent less residual wash chemistry in the load resulting in increased throughput, improved efficiency and, lowering labor and utility costs.



From hotels and athletic facilities to hospitals, fire houses and much more BDS Laundry Systems is the best choice to help you equip or update your on premise laundry room with industry-leading machines. Let’s start a conversation today – contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-688-0020.