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Bring Ozone Injection to your Coin Laundry or OPL for Big Savings

Ozone injection technology has been used for the last ten years in commercial laundry settings primarily in fire departments and hospitals but several benefits apply to coin laundries. As consumers become more educated about the environmentally friendly benefits of ozone laundry treatments, they’ll start to look for coin laundries utilizing this technology. Stay ahead of the curve by implementing ozone injection technology in your laundromat or OPL for several of the positive benefits including energy savings and production improvements.

What is ozone injection technology?

Ozone injection replaces chemicals used during the wash cycle with an environmentally friendly ozone substance created with a mix of oxygen and electricity. This mix is injected directly into the machine and mixes with the user’s detergent and cold water. In traditional machines the mix includes hot water, alkali, detergent, acid and bleach with multiple rounds of rinses depending on the machine. By eliminating several of these chemicals and hot water rinses, the use of ozone injection delivers an array of savings to your coin laundry and OPL.

Benefits of ozone injection laundry treatment

  • Reduced water footprint: With less rinses throughout the wash cycle each machine uses less water per load.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Eliminating the need for hot water you’ll not only reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere plus you’ll also enjoy savings on your monthly utility bill.
  • Shorter wash and dry times: Without as many chemicals, ozone injection washes feature less rinses than a traditional wash delivering the same quality wash in less time. With the reduced amount of rinses, clothes in an ozone injection wash have less water retention for a quicker dry time.
  • Deeper clean: Ozone injection spreads apart fabric in all garments to achieve a deeper clean than traditional washes.

BDS Laundry Systems team of OPL and coin laundry experts is here to help you find the most energy savings, production improvements and the best commercial laundry equipment that meets your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement ozone injection technology, increasing efficiency in your OPL or opening a new laundromat give us a call at 800-688-0020 or reach out online to start a conversation today.