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Cleaning Tips to Prolong the Life of your Linens


Prolonging the life of linens in hotels and healthcare facilities is extremely important to saving costs on utilities, labor and replacement linens. Not to mention meeting patient and customer safety expectations and compliant with sanitation guidelines. Linens break down for a number of reasons including overuse, poor rinse cycles and over drying which can lead to the easier spread of illness and higher utility and linen replacement costs. Follow these cleaning tips to prolong the life of your linens and provide patients and guests with the cleanest possible linens.


Spray-Rinse Technology

Simply shortening the rinse cycle causes more problems than it actually solves because the residual chemicals are not washed properly and in bath rinse machines the clothes are soaked instead of spray-rinsed. Washer-extractors with spray-rinse technology significantly decreases the presence of chemical residue because it pulls the chemicals from the clothes, through the load and down the drain. This leads to 39 percent less water consumption and a 12 percent decrease in cycle time. UniMac offers industry-leading spray-rinse technology called OPTispray.

Over Dry Technology

You can tell if the linens aren’t being cleaned well enough during the rinse or if they are being over dried if you notice yellow or gray marks. Over drying technology, seen in several manufacturer’s machines like Electrolux, automatically stops the dry when it senses the contents are dry. This has saved OPL managers thousands on utility and labor costs in addition to an average of 31 percent less fiber loss in linens during the drying process.

Always Stock Appropriate Number of Linens

This seems like a common sense reminder but stocking the right amount of linens means you’re consistently washing the correct size of load leading to faster throughput and proper cleaning. Stocking too few linens means more washes leading to more wear and tear and higher replacement costs. Pro Tip: When buying new linens make sure they match the washing instructions of your current linens.

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