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Video: How Electrolux Commercial Dryers Give Laundromats the Competitive Edge

The latest video from our friends at Electrolux showcases the benefits and newest improvements in their commercial dryers. Ernesto Rodriguez, Director of Product Education, just visited the BDS Laundry Systems’ office for a service school and now he walks us through how Electrolux commercial dryers can give your laundromat a competitive edge.

The competitive edge you’ll achieve with Electrolux commercial dryers paired with Electrolux washing machines can help your coin laundry save money, provide customers a wide range of drying programs for a better clean and much more. Commercial Electrolux dryer benefits include:

  • Save up to 40 percent in Natural Gas usage when Electrolux commercial dryers are paired with Electrolux’ High G-Force washers with increased load capacities, faster drying times and less wear and tear on garments.
  • The Compass Pro Micro Processor allows laundromat owners to create multiple drying programs giving customers the perfect dry for any type of garment including comforters, uniforms, sheets, even dog beds and more. The unique Compass Pro Micro Processor also allows coin laundry owners to create time of day pricing and promotion prices with ease using a real-time machine clock.
  • The latest commercial Electrolux dryers feature reversing cylinder technology which significantly reduces tangled garments or sheets while ensuring an even dry on all types of garments.
  • On top of 40 percent Natural Gas savings Electrolux’ EcoPower feature provides an additional 15 percent energy savings by sensing when clothes are dry and lowering dryer temps to prevent wrinkles, tangles and over drying.

BDS Laundry Systems’ team of experienced coin laundry experts can help you find the perfect location and help you choose the best commercial laundry machines for your needs including Electrolux and much more. Give us a call to learn how you can get started in the coin laundry business at 800-688-8820 or contact us online today.