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Closeout & Used Laundry Equipment

Save Big with Used & New Closeout Equipment

BDS Laundry has the following Preowned Used Equipment and Showroom Closeout New Equipment available for sale. These commercial washers, dryers and ancillary products are priced to sell at far below distributor cost. To purchase a used or closeout model or request more information, please call BDS at (800) 688-0020 or contact us online to start a conversation today.

All items are available on a first come, first serve basis. Special discounted shipping rates are available. Shipping is limited to the 48 contiguous United States. Certain products may be available for local pickup only.

Used Preowned Laundry Equipment

Type: Stack 30 Dryers
Manufacturer: Maytag
BDS Price: $3,000 Each
Condition: Used-Very Good
Color: White
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 2x11.04 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 19.375"
Dimensions: 31.13"W x 34.94"D x 80.38"H
Shipping Weight: 580 lbs.
Number of Units: 4
Type: Crossover Front Load Washer
BDS Price: 
Factory Grey
Cylinder Volume:
3.5 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 15"
27"W x 33.75"D x 43.5"H
Shipping Weight: 
299 lbs.
Number of Units:
Type: 30 lb. Dryer
Model: MDG30PC
Manufacturer: Maytag
BDS Price: $700
Condition: Used-Good
Color: White Fronts
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 12.3 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 21 1/2"
Dimensions: 31 3/8"W x 43 "D x 72"H
Shipping Weight: 545 lbs.
Number of Units: 7
Type: 50 lb. Washer
Manufacturer: Maytag
BDS Price: $2,727
Condition: Used-Good
Color: Stainless
Voltage: 208-240/60/3 (3-Wire + ground)
Cylinder Volume: 7.68 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 14 1/2"
Dimensions: 35 11/16"W x 40 3/4"D x 51 3/4"H
Shipping Weight: 877 lbs.
Number of Units: 2
Type: Stack 30 Dryer
Model: STT30NBCB2G2W
Manufacturer: Speed Queen
BDS Price: $4,500 Each
Condition: Used-Very Good
Color: White
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 2x10.6 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 22 5/8”
Dimensions: 33"W x 48"D x 81"H
Shipping Weight: 590 lbs.
Number of Units: 2
Type: 50 lb. Dryer
Model: ST050NBCB1G2W
Manufacturer: Speed Queen
BDS Price: $2,800 Each
Condition: Used-Very Good
Color: White
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 18.6 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 26 7/8”
Dimensions: 42"W x 53"D x 81"H
Shipping Weight: 625 lbs.
Number of Units: 2

New Closeout Laundry Equipment

Type: Commercial Stack Dryer
Model: LSEE5AGS173TW01
Manufacturer: Speed Queen
BDS Price: $740 
Condition: New
Color: White
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 7 cu. ft.
Dimensions: 27"W x 28"D x 78.17"H
Shipping Weight: 272 lbs.
Number of Units: 1
Type: Front Load Dryer
Manufacturer: Maytag
BDS Price: $597 Each
Condition: New
Color: White
Voltage: 120/60/1
Cylinder Volume: 7.4 cu. ft.
Door Opening: 20.25”
Dimensions: 27"W x 29.5"D x 41"H
Shipping Weight: 140 lbs.
Number of Units: 5

Type: Bill Changer
Model: 3600RL
Manufacturer: Hamilton
BDS Price: $5,299
Condition: New
Voltage: 120/60/1
Dimensions: 34 7/8"W  x 21 1/4"H
Shipping Weight: 325 lbs.
Number of Units: 1

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