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Gain Commercial Accounts for your Coin Laundry

If your coin laundry business isn’t looking to provide laundry services for commercial accounts you’re missing out on a consistent stream of extra revenue. Only 35 percent of coin laundries provide laundry services to commercial clients and offering the service doesn’t take much.


The drop-off delivery or pick-up laundry service is not a wash-dry-fold service. The wash-dry-fold service is offered to customers while the drop-off delivery or pick-up service is designed for commercial and retail clients including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hair salons
  • Spas
  • Moving companies
  • Churches
  • Hotels and motels
  • Veterinarian offices

The best way to test the waters on the potential success of a drop-off delivery or pick-up laundry service for your coin laundry is fully embracing the neighborhood.

Find your clients and analyze the competition

Small businesses in your area are your target market. Dropping by small businesses throughout your neighborhood is a great place to start networking. A surefire way to get face to face with small business owners in your area is joining the local Chamber of Commerce and related small business organizations. After developing close relationships with small business owners in the area, try to find out what businesses use drop-off laundry services and ask specifics of the arrangement from price, scheduling, quality, etc. to help assess what additional help your coin laundry will need to accommodate the drop-off delivery or pick-up service.

Getting started

After you’ve identified potential clients and analyzed the competition to properly position your drop-off delivery or pick-up laundry service in the marketplace, it’s time to decide what you’ll need to start offering the service. First, you’ll want to hire the right attendant – if you choose to offer a drop-off delivery service you’ll need to employ a driver and consider the cost of a vehicle, fuel and insurance – in-store attendants will be responsible for processing, washing, packaging and invoicing the order. The best case scenario is the attendant comes in during non-busy hours when more machines are available. You’ll also need to stock more items including soap, bleach, softeners, receipts, hangers and laundry baskets.

If you’re interested in learning more about the coin laundry business and the step by step list to entering the industry contact one of our coin laundry experts at 800-688-8820 or start a conversation online today.