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Laundrylux Dead Water Usage Comparison

Laundrylux’ latest video showcases the significant water savings on-premise and multi-housing or vended laundry owners receive with their newest drain valve design in Electrolux and Wascomat machines.

Angel Vasquez, Regional Business Development Manager for Laundrylux, displays how competitor drain valves are made with a large basin area located under the actual operating valve assembly. This large basin is attached to the bottom of the drum and needs to fill up completely with water for every pre-soak, wash and rinse cycle – this process is known as dead water. This drain valve holds and uses 2 gallons of water per wash cycle.

Electrolux and Wascomat’s new drain valve design is significantly smaller while the basin attaches below the valve translating to less dead water accumulation without sacrificing performance. This design holds and uses 8 ounces or 0.0625 gallons per wash cycle.

To calculate the savings in your particular multi-housing and on-premise or vended laundry multiply the amount of dead water by the number of machines in your store or laundry room. Then multiply the sum by the average number of cycles each machine makes per wash.

Vasquez broke it down for a laundry room with 20 machines. Using the competitor’s drain valve a vended laundry with 20 machines uses 200 gallons of water per day vs. 6.25 gallons per day or 97 percent less dead water using Electrolux and Wascomat drain valves.

This usage translated to 14,000 gallons of dead water per week vs. 43.75 gallons per week and 72,800 gallons per year against 2,275 gallons per year for the competitor’s drain valve and Electrolux/Wascomat’s drain valve, respectively. The savings continue:

  • Low water usage equals significantly less energy usage and utility bills regardless of a gas or electric energy source.
  • The Electrolux and Wascomat’s drain valve takes considerably less time to fill the basin translating to shorter wash times which allows more loads to be down throughout the day for increased profits and productivity in vended laundries or multi-housing and on-premise laundries.

BDS Laundry Systems is a proud distributor of Electrolux and Wascomat equipment for multi-housing and on-premise laundry rooms or vended laundries. Learn more about how we can help you equip your store or laundry room with new Electrolux or Wascomat equipment by calling 800-688-0020 or contacting us online today.