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Monitoring Tools Help Maximize Production for OPL Managers

Using advanced monitoring tools OPL managers have a better understanding of the actual cost associated with an in-house laundry operation and help reduce water consumption and energy usage all while increasing production. New technology tools can be found on all commercial laundry machines from manufacturers like Electrolux, Wascomat, Primus, UniMac, Maytag and Speed Queen and include:

  • Advanced controls and programmed cycles
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Environmentally friendly controls
  • Real-time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring Tools

OPL managers can receive daily, weekly, monthly and real-time usage reports on individual machines or the entire laundry room to analyze machines or identify bottlenecks. Reported metrics include:

  • Types of cycles used
  • Cycle times
  • Number of fills
  • Average water temperature
  • Idle time

These insights help OPL managers measure overall cost per pound of laundry to set production standards per shift by analyzing the amount of loads processed. Plus, knowing if employees are using the correct cycles for each machine help identify areas to reduce water consumption and energy usage – this is also extremely helpful if your specific industry or linens wash have unique wash/dry requirements.

Diving deeper into these metrics and OPL managers can identify bottlenecks in the laundry operations by seeing if linens are sitting for extended periods of before heading to the dryer. Once the bottle neck is identified there are numerous ways to solve the problem like following the maximum production requirements for each machine or increasing your labor force during busy times.

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