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Green Laundry Tips

Going green is a popular buzzword as many businesses and consumers are transitioning to energy-efficient appliances, practices and products while making conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We can bring eco-friendly to the laundry room by making just a few changes, in fact the world could save 34 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions if every household used cold water in the washing machine.

The following green laundry tips will help you assist the environmentally friendly effort while saving money on water and utility costs plus enjoying a deeper, more natural clean.

  • Wash Full Loads: This may seem like common sense but even the most energy efficient washers use up to 40 gallons per load. Avoid wasting this water and optimize each wash with a full load. When you absolutely have to wash a few dirty towels or clothes make sure to adjust the water level to conserve as much water as possible.
  • Use Cold Water: Ninety percent of the energy used in a conventional top-loading washing machine is dedicated to heating water. Using cold water saves a ton of energy and when paired with a cold water detergent you’ll receive the same strong clean. Hot water is also known to shrink, wear and fade clothes overtime. Pro Tip: One benefit of using hot water is its natural ability to lift stains. If your load is extremely dirty soak the clothes in cold water and baking soda for 20 minutes to help lift the stains before going through a cold water wash.
  • Green Laundry Detergent: Traditional laundry detergents are filled with ingredients like chlorine bleach, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and dyes which can harm clothes overtime and pollute waterways. Green laundry detergents are made from plant and vegetable based, biodegradable materials which are much healthier for the environment and softer on your skin. Green laundry detergent is also designed to perform better in a cold water wash.
  • Green Dryer Sheets: Similar to traditional laundry detergent, conventional dryer sheets are made with synthetic fragrances that emit toxins into the air. Look for eco-friendly dryer sheets to reduce these harmful emissions.
  • Never Use Chlorine Bleach: Not only can chlorine bleach cause skin irritation and redness, when mixed with other cleaning agents like phosphates it creates a toxic gas. When mixed with water this toxic gas contaminates the waterways and can affect local drinking water.
  • Clean The Lint Filter: This is extremely important to receive the best quality dry but also an easy way to reduce utility cost. When the lint filter is full it restricts airflow in the dryer creating a fire hazard, forcing the machine to work harder and using more energy.
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