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Laundry Equipment Install

BDS Laundry Systems’ full management solutions includes professional laundry equipment install in your multi-housing laundry room, university facility or dorm, business, laundromat, hotel, healthcare facility, fire station and more.

From using our fleet of trucks to deliver commercial washers and dryers to your building to setting up the plumbing and venting, our professional technicians ensure care and expert installation of your equipment every step of the way.

All of our technicians work up the ranks by first working in the BDS warehouse on repairs before heading out on the job site. The team of laundry experts have worked in all conditions from new, old and unfinished buildings to working amongst different groups of contractors. We’ve even found creative ways to deliver new machines through a muddy entrance way after a big storm.

Throughout the install process you can sit back and relax knowing all of your new commercial laundry equipment is in safe hands. After the install our professional technicians continue to take care of you with our maintenance service

Our team of experienced commercial laundry professionals is ready to assist you. Email or call us at 1-800-688-0020.