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Laundry Management: Revenue Sharing & Collections

With our popular revenue sharing programs, BDS Laundry Systems provides 100% turnkey laundry management for your multi-housing laundry rooms. All of our revenue sharing programs are custom-tailored with you and your residents needs first. Whether you own a small apartment building, manage a large portfolio of multi-housing complexes, or direct a college or university residence hall, BDS Laundry Systems offers solutions to match.

We handle everything from installing high-efficiency washers and dryers equipped with the latest payment technology to keeping the machines up and running as well as collections of all coins and currency. Our local customer service department is equipped to manage the day-to-day details — from responding to immediate service needs to resident refund requests. Professional instructional signage and an introductory resident marketing package with free gifts are included to promote mutual success.

 Benefits of Laundry Room Outsourcing

  • Increased Net Operating Income
  • Full service and maintenance
  • Lower water, sewer and utility bills
  • Highest commissions
  • Greater resident satisfaction


The best part of our revenue sharing and collections service is you don’t have to worry about processing electronic payments or securing thousands of quarters every week. Let us handle the collections process as you sit back as the money adds up.

Our collections process starts with our laundry equipment outfitted with industry leading locks, impenetrable gates and vault sleeves which prevent potential thieves from accessing money. BDS Laundry Systems’ team of professional route collectors must pass multiple years of on-the-job training and a thorough background check before owning their own routes.

During the collection process the coins and cash are protected in locked bags before being stored in vehicle vaults which can’t be opened outside of our facility. We’re constantly tracking each collection truck through GPS at BDS Laundry’s warehouse.

When the truck reaches the BDS facility our team of experts uses industry leading coin and currency counters to track numbers and deliver official reports to our accounting department. The entire process is recorded on digital cameras covering every inch of our building.

Safety of your payments – electronic or coin/cash – is of paramount importance at BDS which is why we detail every aspect of the process with you every step of the way.

Our team of experienced commercial laundry professionals is ready to assist you. Email or call us at 1-800-688-0020.