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Searching for success? Take a closer look at the lucrative world of vended laundry.

As the Midwest’s leading commercial laundry distributor, BDS Laundry has assisted entrepreneurs establish more than 980 successful laundromat businesses across the upper Midwest. Unlike nationwide franchises, the experts at BDS are focused on local markets. We provide in-depth location and competitive analysis to help investors find the right location for a laundromat.

We then provide professional design services for the optimal equipment mix and layout of the store. We even help coordinate your architect, accountant, attorney, general contractor, signage, marketing support, lender and real estate broker. Our goal is provide investors with a turn-key business solution with ZERO franchise fees.

Unlike other franchise opportunities, a vended laundry business requires significantly less upfront capital, labor and overhead costs. When you work with BDS Laundry, you’ll never pay a franchise fee or ongoing royalties (which can add tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs plus 4-7% of your monthly gross revenue!). You get all of the benefits of a franchise without the fees.

Laundry Means Business

Currently there are around 29,500 vended laundries in the United States, and they generate approximately $5 billion in gross revenue annually. Clean clothes, like food and shelter, are considered a necessity of life. Vended laundries thrive in periods of both growth and recession.

During periods of recession, when home ownership decreases, the vended laundry market expands as more people are unable to afford to repair, replace or purchase new washers and dryers, or as they move to rental housing with inadequate or nonexistent laundry facilities. The market grows proportionately to the increase in population. The public will always need this basic health service — people always need to wash clothes!


Vended Laundries in the United States

$5 Billion
$5 Billion

Gross Revenue Annually

Flexible Laundromat Business Financing Available

Whether you’re a new investor or experienced business pro, BDS Laundry has financing partners to assist in providing the capital you need to move your ideas forward.

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Are you a potential investor? Wondering what your first step might be?

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a BDS Laundry Sales Representative today by calling 1-800-688-0020 during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or contact us online. Our team of commercial laundry professionals will introduce you to the exciting benefits of owning and operating a self-serve vended laundry in your local market.

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