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Vended Laundry Card System

Card or coin? Let customers decide! With the best-in-class FasCard System from CCI, laundry owners can accept credit cards and debit cards on new and existing machines. It’s a proven way to increase revenue, decrease costs, and attract more customers.

Swipe it! In today’s fast-paced marketplace, many savvy consumers are leaving cash (and coins) behind in favor of paying with credit cards and debit cards. That’s why it is essential to offer multiple payment options at your laundromat. FasCard from CCI offers the industry’s most advanced card payment system. It allows laundry owners to scale the system to meet the needs of customers.

FasCard will deliver immediate benefits to your laundromat:

Convenience — Machines equipped with the FasCard System have the ability to accept credit cards and debit cards while still having the ability to accept quarters as usual. Coins or card…let your customer make the choice!

Bigger Profits — Customers that pay using a credit card will buy more wash cycles, upgrade to higher priced machines and buy more dry time. Customers no longer have to plunk quarter after quarter into the coin drops, and you’ll deal with fewer hassles from having to count, roll and transport quarters to the bank.

Simple Installation — The FasCard System uses Wi-Fi technology for cable-free installation. The system is easy to integrate on all major brands of vended laundry equipment.

Freedom of Choice — With FasCard, you have the option to choose your own merchant processor. This gives you the power to shop for the best rates and do business with whom you prefer.

Powerful Promotions — Offering time-of-day specials during slow periods is a great way to add volume to your business. FasCard not only allows you to schedule price changes at any time, but is the only system on the market that makes these changes for both card and coin customers.

Mobile Ready — Smart phones are an integral part of our lives. FasCard includes smart phone interfaces for today’s latest devices and is the only product on the market with support for both Android and Apple (iOS) phones.

Ready to learn more? Check out the FasCard System brochure (PDF-1.5MB)


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