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Serving Multi-Housing Properties Since 1961

Explore the Benefits of Laundry Room Outsourcing

Serving Multi-Housing Properties Since 1961

Technology to Keep Your Residents Happy

Serving Multi-Housing Properties Since 1961

BDS Managed Laundry Solutions

BDS manages equipment, repairs, collections and customer service.

Equipment Rental Plans

BDS installs washers & dryers and provides repairs. You handle the rest.

Factory Direct Appliance Sales

Buy commercial washers & dryers from BDS outfitted with the latest technology.

BDS Laundry Management is the leading provider of multifamily laundry services to customers across the Upper Midwest

The Midwest's #1 Laundry Room Management Company

BDS Laundry offers fully managed laundry programs tailored to the unique needs of your property, generous revenue sharing agreements and world-class service.

Easy Management

BDS can transform your laundry rooms from a resource drain into a stress-free, profitable part of your business.

Refocus Your Staff

Let BDS handle the laundry responsibilities so your office and maintenance staff can attend to other resident needs.

Increase NOI

Outsourcing will decrease expenses and increase monthly revenue resulting in higher Net Operating Income (NOI).

Discover the Latest Laundry Payment Options

Match payment options to resident preference. Choose from mobile pay app, dedicated laundry card, credit / debit card at the machine, coin or a combination.

Mobile Pay

Ultimate in convenience with laundry room monitoring & cycle alerts.

Credit / Debit

Accept all major credit and debit cards at each washer and dryer.

Laundry Card

Dedicated BDS Laundry card system with card readers and revalue kiosks.


Anti-slug coin drops with technology and high security coin boxes.

BDS Laundry Start Mobile Pay App

Now residents can pay for laundry with their phone. BDS Laundry offers the latest payment technology for added convenience and resident satisfaction.

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