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Earn Higher Profits with Zero Laundry Headaches

Custom tailored to your specific needs, BDS Laundry Management delivers total flexibility for owners and managers of multiple-family housing units. These programs are a great way to offer residents access to top quality vended washers and dryers in a centralized, on-site laundry room.

Well managed centralized laundry rooms are one of the most effective ways to attract and retain multi-housing residents. In fact, a nationwide preference survey reveals that renters actually prefer common laundry areas over in-unit washers and dryers if the facility is conveniently located, clean and offers quality machines at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Laundry Room Outsourcing

Conserve Cash

With a BDS Laundry Management, you don’t invest cash in assets that depreciate. Instead, you conserve cash to invest in income-producing opportunities.

Generous Commissions

BDS Laundry Management offers a range of revenue sharing agreements. Together we will customize a plan that works best for you and maximizes your income.

Competitive Edge

BDS Laundry Management will install state-of-the-art equipment, maintain it, and ensure your laundry room is viewed as a valued amenity.

Rental Programs

If you want to take advantage of all of these benefits, yet prefer to make your own collections, BDS offers a Rental Program to meet your needs.

Refocus Staff

With BDS Laundry Management, we take care of all laundry room responsibilities so your office and maintenance staff can attend to other resident requirements.


Take advantage of the latest payment solutions including dedicated laundry card, credit and debit payment at the machine, mobile app and more.

Revenue Sharing & Collections

With our popular revenue sharing programs, BDS provides 100% turnkey laundry management for multi-housing laundry rooms. All of our revenue sharing programs are custom tailored with you and your residents needs first. Whether you own a small apartment building, manage a large portfolio of multifamily complexes, or direct a college university residence hall, BDS Laundry Management offers solutions to match.

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