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BDS is a Three Generation, Family Owned Company

In 1961 Bert DeMarsh branched out on his own to start a business that specialized in the rapidly expanding commercial laundry industry. This was a bold move, but Bert had a passion for helping like-minded entrepreneurs profit from self-serve laundromats and coin-operated laundry equipment in apartment buildings.

Bert's vision grew beyond his expectations when his son, David, joined the business in 1969. BDS Laundry Systems, or Business Development Sales as it was known in the early days, blossomed into a diverse company spanning many different markets. Once David took the reins in 1979, BDS was the “go to” source for commercial laundry equipment for apartment housing, hotels & motels, and coin laundries.

BDS Laundry has come a long way from its storefront beginnings in the 1960s. With the addition of David's daughters, Erica DeMarsh-Ginkel and Danielle DeMarsh-Palmeri, BDS is now a three-generation company — one of only a few remaining route operators to reach this level of longevity.

In 2022, BDS sold its vended and on-premises laundry business divisions to Kansas City-based RJ Kool. The multi-housing route business, now known as BDS Laundry Management, remains privately owned by the DeMarsh family.

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