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Electrolux On Premise Laundry Washers

Electrolux offers the highest quality software and program flexibility in On Premise Laundry (OPL) washers meeting the needs of hotels, inns, hospitals, nursing homes, salons, fire houses, restaurants and more OPL environments. The unique washer designs offer on average 30 percent water savings while using less chemicals and significantly reducing wash times by utilizing innovative features like smart wash. Sixty to 70 percent of washers are run without a full load and smart technology enables washers to weigh load size and add the exact amount of water needed while adjusting the chemical controller for an accurate water to chemical ratio for every load. Additional features include:

  • Compass Pro: This microprocessor comes with 55 standard programs and 15 custom programs and cycle names for superior flexibility wash to wash.
  • Real-Time Clock: Each washer is designed with a built-in clock which facilitates an automatic start for improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Power Balance: Unbalanced loads in washer drums are automatically calculated and adjusted allowing for maximum water extraction. In addition to quicker and more efficient wash cycles the balanced washing causes less vibration helping reduce maintenance costs.
  • External Liquid Manifold: The best design in the industry dilutes chemicals in the water reservoir helping reduce maintenance and improve reliability and operation.

As a premier distributor of Electrolux equipment we offer the entire line of Electrolux On Premise Laundry washers including the 5000 Line, 100G “N” Model Washers, 200G “S” Model Washers, 450G “H” Model Washers and 220-300G “X” Model Washers.

Electrolux On Premise Laundry Dryers

The latest high-performance Electrolux OPL Dryers, the 5000 Line, is the most innovative on the market. Using 25 percent less gas and drying at a 12 percent faster rate these dryers help save on energy and labor costs while increasing productivity thanks to exceptional features including:

  • Compass Pro: Manufactured with a built-in Compass Pro Microprocessor every 5000 Line Electrolux Dryer includes a library of 55 standard programs and 15 custom programs available in more than 20 languages ensuring the most efficient dry for every load.
  • Automatic Stop: The built-in computer also senses when linens and garments in the machine are dry causing the dryer to automatically stop savings energy and time while preventing over drying.
  • Residual Moisture Control (RMC): This is the best feature for linens that require a small amount of dampness when done to further the process with pressing equipment by precisely controlling the remaining moisture in the load.
  • Reversing Cylinder: Reduces energy consumption and protections against wrinkling and tangling of large linens like sheets or banquet table cloths.
  • Large Capacity: The 5000 Series are made with 8 to 12 percent larger capacity drums compared to similar competitive models allowing for more room to expand for increased contact with heated air resulting in faster dry times.
  • The Best Lint Filter: The innovative lint filter design opens and cleans in seconds helping save time and increase employee productivity.

Contact our expert OPL team online to learn more about the benefits of each Electrolux washer and dryer or by phone today at 1-800-688-0020.

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