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Wascomat introduced a revolutionary laundry machine design with Crossover washers and dryers made with a small chassis engineered exclusively for commercial use. The Crossover machines are perfect for multi-housing laundry rooms with a user-friendly layout for residents and slim, energy-saving design for property owners. The small chassis in Crossover machines bridge the gap between appliance and professional machines while keeping the prices down. Additional features for both washers and dryers include:

  • 60 percent less water usage and 15 minutes less time in dryers compared to average commercial top loaders.
  • Built to commercial standards with pump, professional grade eight-point suspension and three seals with heavy-duty SKF bearings.
  • CrossBalance technology keeps loads balanced by automatically adjusting the load for a more consistent cycle while shortening load time.
  • ADA compliant, CEE compliant and Energy Star rated.

Crossover Washers

  • Large, high security coin vault.
  • Four professional wash programs plus two additional cycle options.
  • Adjustable water levels and cycles for a more consistent wash.
  • 300 G-Force extraction for shorter drying times and huge energy savings.
  • AC motor (no brushes).
  • Pump drain comes standard.
  • Solid steel counter weight and soft-mount technology for easy installation on any surface.
  • Three compartment soap drawer.
  • Coin and card payment compatible.

Crossover Dryers

  • Commercial grade construction.
  • 22+ lb. capacity.
  • 7-1/2 cu. ft. drum.
  • Stainless steel non-removable lint screen.
  • Tapered sealed ribs improve dryer performance by bringing load forward.
  • Axial airflow ensures the shortest drying time for users.
  • Extra-large door and door opening making it easy for users to load and unload laundry.
  • Roller supported tumbler.
  • Coin and card payment compatible.

Learn more about Wascomat Crossover machines and how BDS Laundry can help outfit your multi-housing laundry room by calling 1-800-688-0020 or contacting us online to start a conversation.

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