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Perry Creek Vended Laundry Case Study

Learn how the Freking's opened a beautiful vended laundry in Sioux City, Iowa

“Jon (Glover) and BDS Laundry Systems helped us with every aspect of our business, and they continue to be integral to our success.” – Annette Freking, Owner Perry Creek Vended Laundry

As a farmer and registered nurse, Jeff and Annette Freking, respectively, always wanted to own a business together. The Freking’s never dreamed about opening a vended laundry until coming across a listing an ad “Vended Laundry Investment Opportunity” posted by BDS’ Laundry Division Vice President, Jon Glover.

The idea intrigued Jeff and Annette so they set a meeting with Jon to discuss the totality of a vended laundry investment opportunity. The Freking’s were extremely impressed with Glover’s presentation touching on all benefits of owning a vended laundry including low fixed costs, overall manageability of the business and the potential for a strong ROI. After their conversation Jeff went back to perform his due diligence researching the benefits of ownership, the best equipment and even other distributors in the area on top of visiting other vended laundries. Ultimately, Annette and Jeff called Glover back and decided to move forward with the vended laundry investment trusting Glover and BDS’ experience to guide them through the process from initial store design to choosing the best equipment.

The First Step in Owning a Vended Laundry

The first step to opening a new vended laundry is finding the perfect location. Glover assisted the Freking’s in finding the best location by checking out options and sharing his advice on what to look for in a property. After looking throughout northwestern Iowa the Freking’s found an ideal location in Sioux City – a corner lot just one block away from the busiest street in Sioux City. Prior to construction Glover and the Freking’s agreed on essential building amenities:

  • Front door opens and locks automatically
  • Lots of windows
  • Office with a service counter
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Convenient parking
  • Plenty of seating inside and out

Throughout the building process the Freking’s consulted Golver on how to maximize the 2,500 sq. ft. space to promote an optimal workflow and user-friendly design in addition to helping the couple choose the best type of equipment.

After Jeff and Annette spoke with Glover and performed thorough research the beautiful store was outfitted with the best equipment in the industry, Electrolux washers and dryers. They decided on Electrolux Soft-Mount machines helping significantly reduce energy costs and water consumption plus offering easy installation on any type of flooring. Customers love the look of the machines, fast cycles, advanced technological features and the various payment types – coin, credit/debit and loyalty cards.

Two years after deciding to venture in the vended laundry business the Freking’s opened Perry Creek Laundry and couldn’t be happier with their investment. They love their clientele and how the laundry business can be fairly simple but the intricacies behind the scenes keep it exciting.

At BDS Laundry Systems our goal is to help equip your vended, OPL or Multi-Housing laundry rooms with the best equipment that meet your needs plus additional consultation services and guidance into the laundry industry. Learn more about how we can help pave the way to continued success in your laundry endeavor by calling us today at 1-800-688-0020 or contacting us online to start a conversation.