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Laundromat Hiring Tips

Attendants at laundromats do much more than supervise customers. A great laundromat attendant can increase revenue by as much as 20 percent, according to coin laundry surveys. Staffing laundromat attendants also helps increase store revenue by offering additional services like wash, dry and fold programs, keep the store clean and properly stocked, perform daily maintenance tasks, answer operational customer questions and promote loyalty programs all while welcoming customers with a friendly face.

Roughly 60 percent of laundromats nationally are staffed with full-time or part-time attendants, according to Planet Laundry, if your store falls into this category it’s crucial to find the right person or people to oversee your business. Follow some of these laundromat hiring tips to help you find the perfect attendant.

  • Personality is everything: Greeting customers with a smile speaks volumes about your business. It’s much more difficult to teach someone how to be friendly than it is to perform small daily machine maintenance tasks. Look for a kind, people-person.
  • General screening checklist: As you’re preparing for an interview you should look out for two things before even speaking to the candidate – 1) is there application filled out correctly? 2) do they arrive on-time and are they dressed professionally. During the interview try asking questions that give you the impression if the candidate is truly interested in the position or if this is a desperation reach for a job.
  • Deeper digging: Laundromat attendants will be responsible for basic customer service responsibilities like making change and answering general questions in person and over the phone. Make sure they're comfortable interacting with people. It’s important to gauge the candidates experience working with and comfort level with any type of computer software you use to schedule machine repairs in addition to making simple daily maintenance tasks on machines. Get an idea of the candidate’s background with these tasks by asking questions about previous job responsibilities and their ability to quickly catch on to new tasks.

Once you’ve found the perfect attendant it’s imperative to lead them down the path of success by providing helpful manuals detailing day-to-day duties with step-by-step instructions.

Great employees make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and turning them into return customers and even store evangelists telling friends and neighbors how much they like your laundromat. BDS Laundry Systems can help you improve your vended laundry and learn about how open a store of your own. Start a conversation with our vended laundry experts by contacting us online or calling 800-688-0020.