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Smart Laundry: On Demand Laundry

We now live in a digital world where people are constantly connected to their phones. More than 207 million smartphone users live in the United States and it’s imperative to offer a digital option for even routine tasks like laundry. A smart laundry room provides residents with a deeper look into the room including machine availability and e-mail or text notifications. It’s not difficult to create a smart laundry room and the added benefits are exceptional.

Creating a Smart Laundry Room

Each laundry machine is connected to the Internet with smart card readers that are linked to a database living in the cloud – no in-house computers necessary.  BDS Laundry Systems’ technicians are trained to install and program smart laundry card readers to your specific settings.  Once installed BDS will create the online laundry room with access to monitor the laundry room online.

Smart Laundry Resident Benefits

The younger generation is glued to their phones and as they continue to populate multi-housing buildings especially in popular young downtown neighborhoods and college campuses, a smart laundry room is another appealing amenity. Resident benefits include:

  • Check the status of machine availability so residents don’t have to guess if machines are open before heading to the laundry room.
  • Report a problem to building staff.
  • Receive an e-mail or text notification at the end of each wash and dry.
  • Quickly deposit money to loyalty cards online.

BDS Laundry Systems can help you enter the digital world and add another amenity to your multi-housing property. Learn more by calling our team at 800-688-0020 or start a conversation online today.