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BDS offers the commercial laundry industry’s best brands all in one place.

The experts at BDS know laundry equipment. From coin and card operated washers and dryers for self-serve vended laundries and multi-housing laundry rooms to giant-load industrial equipment for On Premise laundries, BDS is a true single source distributor. You’ll also find all of the ancillary products and accessories for a successful operation including repair parts, laundry carts, folding tables, seating units, change machines, vending equipment, hot water systems, ozone units, laundry card systems, signs and decals and more at

With a wide range of commercial laundry machine brands available through BDS, you can choose the perfect machine for your laundry needs. Here are some of the unique aspects each brand offers:

American Dryer Corporation

American Dryer Corporation is a staple in the commercial laundry industry offering energy-efficient commercial dryers designed with top to bottom quality. We offer classic ADC dryer models made for faster dry times meaning more cycles per day and more earning potential for your business or OPL.


Electrolux machines are perfect for vended laundries and OPLs offering countless profit focused features. From Automatic Water Savings to EcoPower settings, Electrolux machines help save as much as 30 percent of water on small wash loads and 15 percent in gas per use. In addition to money saving features Electrolux is also known for Text Messaging features which improves customer loyalty by sending a text message when a machine is available or when their cycle is complete.

Speed Queen

As the largest commercial laundry manufacturer in the world, Speed Queen’s roots are in commercial laundry and a perfect option for OPLs, vended and multi-housing laundries. The strong foundation machine design virtually eliminates vibration and significantly reduces machine noise helping create a peaceful laundry room environment. The innovative design is meet with a robust interior offering a supreme wash featuring a smooth stainless steel wash tub helping protect your laundry to extend the life of all linens and fabrics.


The Maytag Corporation has been around since 1893 and is a staple in the commercial laundry business. Dependability drives Maytag’s smartly engineered equipment offering several programmable options to increase profit in all laundry room environments. With built-in energy efficiency, Maytag machines help save on labor costs and energy savings. Maytag’s latest feature – Maytag 360° – provides machine owners with real-time information to maximize profits by watching patterns and identifying targeted times for special pricing, sending notifications when a machine needs maintenance and keep customers or residents happy by allowing them to check when machines are available through a convenient smartphone app.


Whirlpool is one of the most recognizable names in the commercial laundry industry offering tremendous machines for multi-housing applications. Like all of the commercial laundry machines brand, Whirlpool is continuously improving energy-efficient solutions and custom wash programs to increase profits for owners.


UniMac is the world leader in OPL equipment offering durable machines exceeding the demands of commercial markets like hospitality, correctional facilities, fire houses, athletic facilities, car washes, dry cleaners, dairy farms, food processing plants, restaurants, spas, salons and much more. With several innovations, UniMac machines help maximize throughput with customized cycles and dryness settings. Optispray Rinsing technology reduces cycle time by 12 percent and cloud based management solutions providing owners with real-time information detailing machine error and productivity.


Wascomat lives within the Laundrylux brand alongside Electrolux featuring several benefits for vended laundry, multi-housing and OPL environments. With a variety of machines to choose from Wascomat offers energy saving solutions including 60 percent less water usage and 15 minutes less time in the dryer. These machines also improve overall productivity with extra-large load drums, allowing users to double capacity while the Cross Balance technology keeps loads balanced, helping to shorten time spent in the machine.

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